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"Grassfields" Animation Dub Spanish

2016-10-22 03:46:54 by EastParkTVStudios

As we start off "Grassfields" on YouTube and Newgrounds, I would like for the Series to be Dubbed in Spanish to expand the fan base more into multiple languages. If anyone wants to help out, let me know :D (We are only accepting Spanish Dubbers for now.)

"Grassfields" is a Original Animated Cartoon Created By: Nigel Williams

In "Grassfields" you will be able to follow the Protaganists as they progress through thier lifestyle thier home town.

"Grassfields" will be a rated TV-PG or TV-14 depending on each episode's Pilot

"Grassfields" Pilot will be uploaded here first on Newgrounds a day early before uploaded to YouTube.

-Nigel Williams, Creator of "Grassfields" and "EastParkTVStudios"

"East Park" S1 Ep. 2

2016-07-29 01:06:38 by EastParkTVStudios

"East Park's" Next, All New, Episode "Trail and Error" is a Sequel of Episode 1, "Projects and Problems" that was uploaded to YouTube on March 31, 2016. In Episode 2, we updated our animation skills and learned a few new techniques ever since the last Episode. I just wanted to say that Episode 2 will be 10x Better than Episode 1. See you all sOOn...

"East Park" S1 Ep. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMHg7AR7A6s&list=PLGnC1X2iR1LbiW-EIGka2X85JuLrOn1Qe&index=2

"East Park" S1 Ep. 1.5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF9digPE0lg&list=PLGnC1X2iR1LbiW-EIGka2X85JuLrOn1Qe&index=3

BTW: More than likely, "East Park" Shorts will be uploaded to Newgrounds as Exclusive Content to help resolve any "Confusion" in the Future...